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Teachers' Day | CityOn’s Warming Tea Distributed to Teachers Across the City!

Remembering the Teachers Throughout the Time

The three-foot podium is a stage without flowers
But the hands of the teachers holding the chalk
make every color bloom
CityOn holds a special event on Teachers' Day

Dedicated to each one of our guiding lights on the road of life

Tea to Honor Teachers

Teachers are the ones who teach and explain to others
Tea is to quench our thirst, relieve anxiety and help us to think
The fragrance of tea, the teacher's instruction

Tea has been used to honor teachers since ancient times
This Teacher's Day, join us in thanking teachers with CityOn
Warm tea is dedicated to every guide of life in Xi'an!

Warm tea is distributed to all teachers in Xi'an
Teachers can get a cup of tea for Teachers' Day for free at the customer service counter of CityOn with their teacher's certification
There is also a chance to get movie tickets, Kaiyuan Theater tickets and other random surprises!
Time: September 8th - 10th
Location: Customer Service Counter on the second floor

Framing Time Reproducing the Classroom

A handout, a piece of chalk, a three-foot podium
CityOn recreates the classroom
Recreate your student days on site
Time: From now to September 10th
Location: Atrium, Gate 1, Ground Floor

CityOn Offers Teachers' Day Benefits up to 60% off with full heart

Once bathed in apricot rain, a lifetime to remember the teacher's grace
In order to thank teachers for their hard work
CityOn is launching an exclusive Teachers' Day benefit
Happy Teachers' Day!

Time: September 10th

New Customer Service Experience Starts

Dear CityOn Members:
Today, CityOn has been with you for more than 7 years
For 7 years, CityOn has witnessed every bit of your happy memories
In 7 years, millions of you witnessed the rapid changes of CityOn
In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, we keep on moving

CityOn invites you to participate in the "2023 CityOn Member Satisfaction Survey"
Each of your valuable suggestions will be an important reference for our membership operation in the future.

Even if there are no flowers on the stage
Even the monologue without applause
But the hand tightly holding the chalk
Can always light up the star in night sky
Happy Teachers' Day