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The First National Style Feast in the Fall is at CityOn

The lanterns are waiting for you at CityOn!

The bright moon showers thousands of thoughts, the lanterns reflect the reunion smile!
In the September full of gratitude and reunion
CityOn specially created an immersive national style Mid-Autumn Festival Night Banquet.
This issue of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a preview of the beautiful scenery on Mid-Autumn Festival
The lanterns, surrounded by moonlight and the national style of Tang Dynasty ......

You and your family are invited to spend a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival together at CityOn!

Teacher's Day Event: "Remembering the Teachers Throughout the Time" Review

Once in the apricot rain, always remembering the teachers' kindness
Last week, CityOn's Teachers' Day event "Remembering the Teachers Throughout the Time" was a perfect ending
Thousands of teachers from all over the city came

On the occasion of the 39th Teachers' Day
CityOn has prepared for the teachers of the city
Free tea, movie and theater tickets
A huge textbook exhibition was specially created to relive classroom memories
also join hands with graduates from 8 prestigious schools to express our gratitude to teachers
Multiple gifts and surprises
Teachers in the city were be pampered with unique and exclusive gifts during the festival

Mid-Autumn Festival Scenery coming soon!

Lanterns Invite the Moon, great emotion on Mid-Autumn
Admiring the moon, enjoying lanterns and eating mooncakes are indispensable to the romance of Mid-Autumn Festival.
This Mid-Autumn Festival, CityOn will specially create the China Lantern Exhibition.
Hundreds of lanterns to show the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival
Surrounded by moonlight and shadows, the exhibition will create the most fashionable Mid-Autumn Festival scenery.

Stroll with your family in the beautiful lantern show.
Enjoy a moonlit night together in the hustle
Capture the romantic memories of Mid-Autumn Festival in photos!

Fairview China Lantern Show
Time: September 18th
Location: IDO Corridor, Level 1

Mid-Autumn Banquet Preview of "National Style, Return to the Tang Dynasty"

Travel through time and space in one step, dreaming of returning to the Tang Dynasty!
Wear Hanfu under the lanterns in the ancient style
Showing the fashionable national style with modern trend
Mid-Autumn Festival
In CityOn, a place full of national style
Experience an immersive Chinese style parade

Fairview Chinese Lantern Exhibition - National Style Theme Parade
Time: September 29th
Location: 1st floor of CityOn
Parade Time: 15:00 for the first show; 16:30 for the second show; and 18:00 for the third show.

CityOn will also bring you
"Li Ren Xing", "Ji Ming Yue", and other ancient dances in Tang costume.
In the rhythm
The dancers will recreate the elegance of the millennium with gorgeous and charming dance moves
Bring you back to the Tang Dynasty and experience a dance feast!

Ancient Style Dance Flash Mob
Time: September 29th
Location: 1st floor, FILA Corridor
Dance Time: 15:30; 19:30

New Customer Service Experience Starts

Dear CityOn Members:
Today, CityOn has been with you for more than 7 years
For 7 years, CityOn has witnessed every bit of your happy memories
In 7 years, millions of you witnessed the rapid changes of CityOn
In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, we keep on moving

CityOn invites you to participate in the "2023 CityOn Member Satisfaction Survey"
Each of your valuable suggestions will be an important reference for our membership operation in the future.

The warmth of autumn and the quiet of the year
Come to CityOn with your family to enjoy the Mid-Autumn feast.
Feel the romance of autumn in the thousands of lanterns.
Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family in singing and dancing.
This Mid-Autumn Festival, welcome to CityOn!