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The Mid-Autumn Festival Ambience Team at CityOn is ready to go!

Full moon at Mid-Autumn Festival, reunion with each other.
The moon is full of love, CityOn lights up the sky with heart.

When the moon in the sky, and all families are reunited
The immersive Lantern Show at CityOn is now online!
There will also be a national theme parade and a dance flash mob.
Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner is coming soon!
The countdown to Mid-Autumn Reunion is one week away!
CityOn invites you to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Moon together and share the good times!

Please look forward to more exciting activities for the National Day!

The beautiful lanterns are surrounded by moonlight and shadows

The lanterns fill the sky with the romantic atmosphere of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
CityOn's Chinese Lantern Show is now online!
Bring you back to the traditional Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival with hundreds of lanterns.
Experience a beautiful night of flowers and moonlight!

Chinese Lantern Show
Time: September 18th - October 6th
Location: IDO Corridor on the first floor

National style parade, dreaming back to a thousand years

Under the lanterns, dressed Chinese traditional clothes
The Mid-Autumn Festival Parade will be held with a unique flavor.
CityOn will bring you back to the Tang Dynasty in one step through time and space.
Children will also be styled in ancient costumes.
Join the parade and get a complimentary Jade Rabbit lantern!

National Style Theme Parade
Time: September 29th
Location: 1st floor
Parade time: 15:00, 16:30, 18:00

Lanterns with the moonlight, beauties dance with songs

When the lanterns come on, the lights are flowing
Under the lanterns, watch the Chang'an beauties dance with a fluttering grace
Surrounded by the moonlight, enjoy a dance feast of exquisite elegance.

National Style Dance Flash Mob
Time: September 29th
Location: 1st floor, FILA Corridor
Performance Time: 15:30, 17:00, 18:30

The best flavor of the world is reunion
A full moon is always accompanied by stars, and people is always accompanied by the family.
Families gather around for a steaming hot reunion dinner.
A round table is the best way to enjoy the world.
Come to CityOn with your family to enjoy this reunion.
The Mid-Autumn and National Day Banquet is now in the process of booking.

Enjoy the night life and play with the car bazaar

The golden nine and silver ten double festivals, a good time to buy a car and travel!
The Night Economy Car Life Festival in Jingkai District is coming hot!
From luxury to family, from imported to domestic, from joint venture to autonomous
No matter what kind of car you want to buy, you can easily compare in CityOn
There are also many car companies low price in advance
Preferential price, car subsidies, 0 down payment, free experience, many benefits!

Night Economy Car Life Festival in Jingkai District
Time: September 22-25, 10:30-19:30
Location: East Square of CityOn

New Customer Service Experience Starts

Dear CityOn Members:
Today, CityOn has been with you for more than 7 years
For 7 years, CityOn has witnessed every bit of your happy memories
In 7 years, millions of you witnessed the rapid changes of CityOn
In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, we keep on moving

CityOn invites you to participate in the "2023 CityOn Member Satisfaction Survey"
Each of your valuable suggestions will be an important reference for our membership operation in the future.

Moonlight carries the heart, reunion writes happiness
Hundreds of lanterns, wishing you all your hopes can be realized.
The traditional clothes will bring you to enjoy the fashionable national style.
A round table invites you to savor the best flavors of the world.
This Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, come to CityOn to share this good time on earth!