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CityOn renews its blooming China Red! Celebrate the birthday of the motherland together and enjoy the two festivals!

The light of CityOn shines on wonderful land of China

Giant national flag fluttering , giant red heart glittering
The moon and lanterns reflect each other
The coming October
is red, is exciting, is inspiring.
We will usher in the 74th anniversary of the great motherland.

“The light of CityOn shines on wonderful land of China”
Come to CityOn to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day together!
Celebrate the Motherland's birthday with red songs and dances.

Enjoy the lanterns and the feast with family members to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

Renewing the flourishing Chinese Red

If faith has a color, it must be Chinese red.
Red is the never-fading sincerity in the bloodline.
is the unique Chinese romance
CityOn National Day special event is online!
Dedicated to the motherland, celebrating China's prosperity

Red heart to the motherland to celebrate the 74th birthday together
Time: September 24th-October 6th
Location: CityOn, Level 1, FILA Corridor

Ten-meter giant national flag gathering hundreds of millions of hot Chinese heart
Hundred meters of red hearts decorated with national holiday atmosphere.
Red color lingers! Build the whole patriotic atmosphere
Check out the stunning scene
Ignite your national pride!

Street Dance Competition of undergraduates
Time: September 30th
Location: Gate 3 on the first floor of CityOn

Youth power, youthful vigor
Street Dance Competition of undergraduates
Gathering the city's college youth
Unleash the full power of youthful dance!

Music Flash Mob
Time: October 1st
Location: CityOn, Level 1, FILA Corridor

Singing the red song to celebrate the anniversary, hundreds of people will gather to sing the praises of the motherland.
In the red flag fluttering, singing the melodious red song
Let the love of the country float with the songs in this red ocean.
Dedicate our clear love to the great motherland with our songs.

Youth Singing Contest
Time: October 2
Location: Gate 3, Level 1, CityOn

Singing with vigor and youthfulness, singing with red sentiment
More than 60 professional young singers will sing to spread their dreams.
Singing with youthful vigor and patriotic heart

Song and Dance Show
Time: October 3 - October 6
Location: CityOn, Level 1, FILA Corridor
Performance time: 15:00-16:00, 16:30-17:30, 18:30-19:30.

Live band singing and holiday cheer!
Super popular dancers with full power and high intensity
The super hot atmosphere is waiting for you to create!

Mid-Autumn Reunion

Mid-Autumn Festival is the time for reunion
CityOn Chinese Lantern Exhibition
See the lights of the lanterns
Enjoy the national style parade and the charm of the thousand-year-old Tang Dynasty dance.
Join the parade and get a free Jade Rabbit lantern!

China Lantern Exhibition
Time: September 18th-October 6th
Location: IDO Corridor, Level 1, CityOn

National Theme Parade
Time: September 29th
Location: 1st floor of CityOn
Parade Time: 15:00, 16:30, 18:00

National Dance Flash Mob
Time: September 29th
Location: CityOn, Level 1, FILA Corridor
Performance: 15:30, 17:00, 18:30

"Umbrella Shine" CityOn Accompanies You visiting Chang'an

We're about to enter the long vacation.
Are you ready for the Xi'an National Day city walk?
Xiaoxi warmly reminds: Xi'an has entered the continuous rainy season!
Worried about the rain affecting your travel plans?

Take a photo with the "Giant National Flag" at CityOn and upload it on social media.
You can get a free customized umbrella!
Let CityOn accompany you to experience the charm of Chang'an without fear of wind and rain!

Time: September 29-October 6
Location: CityOn 2 floor customer service counter

Shopping spree, just waiting for you
Double festivals in bloom
Have a great time! at CityOn!
More special offers, just waiting for you

New Customer Service Experience Starts

Dear CityOn Members:
Today, CityOn has been with you for more than 7 years
For 7 years, CityOn has witnessed every bit of your happy memories
In 7 years, millions of you witnessed the rapid changes of CityOn
In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, we keep on moving

CityOn invites you to participate in the
"2023 CityOn Member Satisfaction Survey"
Each of your valuable suggestions
will be an important reference for our membership operation in the future.

Family Reunion at Mid-Autumn Festival
National Reunion is on National Day
Family Reunion, National Day Celebration
Join us at CityOn to celebrate the double festivals.
Feel the splendor of the country and enjoy the prosperity of the world.