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Retrospect | The Best Moments of the Festival in CityOn

Wonderful Double Festival Holiday

The past National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday
CityOn has brought you a feast of exclusive festivals!
The scene was bustling with activity.

Let's review this wonderful holiday with Xiaoxi!

CityOn Continues to Celebrate China Red!
Invite the whole city to celebrate the birthday of the motherland

10,000 people are stuck in the super shocking Chinese red scene

10-meter giant flag, surrounded by 100-meter red heart
The red color lingers! The whole patriotic atmosphere
The strong atmosphere of National Day ignites the national pride of every customer.
Hustle and bustle
Over ten thousand people at the super shocking scene!
Offer their blessings to the motherland!

May the country prosper, may the family be happy
Red heart balloon carries thousands of blessings and expectations
Every stroke is a blessing

Thousands of people gathered to sing the salute to the Chinese New Year

Praise the motherland, sing from the heart
Customized T-shirts were prepared for customers on the National Day.
Thousands of people waved the red flag and sang the song.
Patriotic music dedicated to the great motherland

Leave your handwriting on the map!

The mountains and rivers of China are vast.
The motherland is millions of you and me.
You and I are one of the millions of our motherland.
During the National Day, CityOn held national map writing activity
Customers were attracted to write down their love for their country

Singing and Dancing in the holiday

Hot-blooded youths from universities and netizen bands gather in CityOn
The scene is full of excitement and passion
Youth Music Competition, to spread love through songs!
This National Day Holiday gives infinite love to the whole city!

The moon is full in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and a feast of national style comes to the city

China Lantern Show makes a romantic debut in CityOn !
Hundreds of lanterns show the romantic Mid-Autumn Festival
Let's take a look at their photos!

On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, CityOn also staged a parade with the theme of national style.
Children dressed up in customized national style costumes.
Carrying a jade rabbit lantern
Travel through a thousand years and feel the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the national style.

Good reviews and a promising future

CityOn is full of double holiday atmosphere
It's a holiday feast for everyone.
Xiaoxi received a series of positive reviews on various platforms.

Thank you for the support and love
In the future, Xiaoxi will also continue to work hard
To help everyone's good life

National Day holiday has come to an end
The good life is still going on.
Follow Xiaoxi, together to spend a better life!