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CityOn VIP Carnival Season 2 is launched! To the whole city, thanks for your company!


CityOn VIP Carnival Season 2 is comeback!All the VIPs of CityOn, let’s gather!

CityOn VIP Carnival Season 2 is back!

Thank you to all the members of CityOn for more than 7 years of meeting and accompanying us!

The second season VIP CARNIVAL has been grandly upgraded!

Get this season's warm and fun membership benefits and services with CityOn!

Through the heart warming warmth of November
there are more warm hearted benefits multiple play, give you double the favor!

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Unlock three key words of gratitude for the year

Launching the second season of CityOn VIP Carnival

Keywords of the Year: "Covering all the bases"

Pampering, of course, has to be all-encompassing!

Whether you're a mom or dad shopping with your baby.
Or travelers who come to Xi'an from afar
Or riders, chauffeurs, sanitation workers at work.

CityOn, care for every aspect of you.
And do you know every side of CityOn?

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Warm and spacious mother and baby room
Warm Women's Care and Services

Thoughtfully prepared luggage storage lockers

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Unlock exclusive benefits and services for CityOn members.

Let CityOn give you a comfortable, touching and trustworthy shopping experience.

Thanks to you, this is the moment of CityOn.

We've been with CityOn for over seven years.

Thank you for shedding your light on CityOn.

Do you remember those happy times?

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