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CityOn VIP Carnival | Come join the Sports Challenge and revel in 11.11!

CityOn VIP Carnival Warm Winter Sports Carnival has begun!

Innovate to create a cool and trendy sports experience

Immerse yourself in fun sports challenges.

Join us at CityOn for this week's VIP Carnival Sports Challenge!

Focusing on the national sports trend, start your own winter energy!

VIP Carnival Last week's highlights review

The CityOn VIP Carnival kicked off last week!

Magic bubble show with artifacts, wonderful music performance, and a clown show with its own sense of humor

Wonderful performances brought endless laughter and surprises to the customers at the venue

We had a warm and happy weekend together!

Let's review the wonderful moments of the event!

The stars on the Thanksgiving Wall are filled with blessings.

XiaoXi has seen them all.

I hope everyone's blessings come true!
Dryland Curling Challenge

VIP Carnival Winter Sports Challenge

"Dryland Curling"

The "war" is about to start!

Come to CityOn and interpret the charm of sports with sweat and passion!
Aiming, hitting, every shot is full of challenges

Cooperation, strategy and quick brain reaction are the only way to win the game.

As an innovative sport known as "Chess on Ice"
"Dryland Curling" can not only exercise our body's flexibility

control of strength, cooperation and strategy of teammates

It can also exercise the brain's adaptability
This week at the CityOn VIP Carnival.

CityOn will be recruiting 4 teams of member representatives

to compete in the sport of "Dryland Curling"!

The winning team will also receive

Space Shuttle Launch Base Building Blocks!

Time for "Dryland Curling" Challenge

November 11th (14:00-16:00)

HM Atrium, Level 1

Click on Curling to sign up now!
Vitality MAX, Fun UP!

CityOn Sports Challenge is waiting for you!

There are also great brand benefits

Double Eleven Shopping!

Come to CityOn to enjoy a wonderful weekend!