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CityOn VIP Carnival | Sports Carnival Value Override! Wake up your winter fever!

CityOn VIP Carnival Season 2 is comeback!
Sports Challenge
CityOn VIP Carnival Warm Winter Sports Challenge

The fun continues!

Join this week's challenge

Let the fun go up with the temperature!

Burn your fall calories!

Dryland Curling Moments of Excitement
Last weekend saw the launch of the "Dryland Curling" challenge!

The field is full of energy and joyful atmosphere

Of course, it was also full of fierce competition!

Four teams formed by sportsmen and women.

They work together to push the curling ball out of the ice.

Let's take a look at this amazing moment on the field

Regret not being able to join the Sports Challenge last week?

Join XiaoXi in unlocking this week's Sports Challenge!

Join in the heat of the competitive moment!

"Obstacle Basketball" Sports Challenge

CityOn VIP Carnival Sports Challenge

The fun continues this week!

Focus on the challenge, the more you move, the more you burn

Conquer the obstacles and go forward
Ready Go!This week's challenge is "Obstacle Basketball"!

The competition requires participants to cross a barrel of markers, go through an agility ladder

They'll also have to navigate through a series of obstacles, such as a sign board and an agility hoop.

And then they have to shoot the ball.

CityOn will be calling for 4 teams of member representatives.

Each team will consist of 8 members and compete in pairs.

Let's go together with courage and strength

Join in this "obstacle basketball" sports competition

Experience the infinite charm of the fun sports competition in the physical exercise!

The winning team will also receive Race Car Building Blocks

Click on Basketball and sign up to join the team today!

Challenge "Obstacle Basketball" Time
November 18 (14:00-16:00)

First floor of Xiaopeng Automobile PassageEnjoy Life, Warm Heart

VIP Carnival Sports Challenge is in progress

Come to CityOn for a happy weekend!