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CityOn VIP Carnival | Join the Thanksgiving Baking Party and hide the love in deliciousness!

Warm November, Early Winter Experience

CityOn VIP Carnival Pizza Creative DIY is now open!

Immerse yourself in the joy of gourmet baking

A playful and inspiring collision of creativity
Come to CityOn and experience a culinary feast!
VIP Carnival Last Week's Highlights

Last weekend, CityOn VIP Carnival "Obstacle Basketball" Challenge Tournament

It was a great success and the atmosphere at the event was so hot!

Basketball babes full of energy

They are hot to trot on the basketball court
A little body can inspire a lot of energy.
Jump! Shoot! Hit!

Every action is full of passion and vigor

Let's take a look back at the exciting moments of the event!
Warm Winter Whisper, Xi Enjoy Baking

A winter day with warm sunshine

Move to the warmth of the oven

This weekend, come toCityOn DIY a pizza of your own!
We will prepare a variety of pizza ingredients and baking tools.

We will also invite professional baking instructors to give demonstration and teaching.

Whether you are a novice or a baking expert can join our baking party!

Come to CityOn and become a baking master!
Click on the small pizzas to sign up now!

Pizza icon

Event time: November 18th
Event Venue: First floor Xiaopeng automobile passageway
Grateful to have you, blessings and wishes

Warm Winter, Perfect Season of Gratitude In the month of November

Come to Hidi Harbor to write a message of thanksgiving

Let's pray for love!
Happy Weekend

DIY Fun for Parents and Kids

Thanksgiving, Blessing and Wishing

Come to CityOn for fun and shopping this weekend!