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VIP Carnival | You have an invitation from CityOn to receive

Dear CityOn VIP:

You have received an invitation to the VIP Carnival "Appreciation Saloon"

Click here

Launching the Year-End Membership Gala.

At the end of the year, the warmth of winter

Thanks for meeting you at this moment

CityOn VIP Carnival Season 2 Finale

VIP Appreciation Saloon is coming as scheduled.

Thank you for witnessing and accompanying us for more than 7 years!

We will invite our loyal vip and customers to join us in this saloon.

This time, we would like to tell you about the years of CityOn.

We would like to invite you to explore the other side of CityOn.

We have also prepared a floral salon and colorful gifts for you.

Let's start a warm journey with CityOn!

CityOn VIP Carnival Season 2
VIP Appreciation Saloon

In the Name of Flowers

With flowers, tastefulness and pleasure

A French Floral Saloon

Returning to aesthetics and the rituals of life

Come to CityOn to experience a conversation between floral art and life.

Together we will complete a gift of thanksgiving from CityOn.

On-site will also bring you generous exclusive member benefits

There will also be exquisite gifts for you!

Thanksgiving Flower Gift, Handmade Flower Saloon

Event Time: December 2nd
Venue: VIP Activity Room, Level 6, CityOn

Xi'an CityoN Open Day, Surprise Opening

As the gateway to Xi'an and the centerpiece of the city's commercial district

CityOn has always been committed to serving every customer.

CityOn is always committed to provide every customer with

Provide a comfortable, touching and trustworthy shopping experience

Helping everyone to live a better life

Although people often come to CityOn, do you know where the unique aroma of

Where does the unique aroma of CityOn come from?

Where the staff of CityOn works?

What does it take to run such a large mall every day?

CityOn cordially invites you to be the "Experience Officer" of the Open Day.

Come into CityOn and experience the side of CityOn that you can't see face to face.

Learn about the excitement and dedication of CityOn that you don't know.

CityOn Open House
Event Date: December 2

Warm Winter Baking Review

Warm Winter Whisper, Enjoy Baking!

Last week's VIP Carnival baking party came to an end!

Let's review this sweet and warm moment with XiaoXi!

Put on your professional chef's hat and apron.

Here comes the little pizza chef!

Knead the dough, flatten it out, spread it with delicious tomato sauce.

Then add some ham and vegetables, and finish with a sprinkling of soulful cheese!

After baking, the pizza is ready to be served!

Together, we savor the delicious taste of our own DIY pizzas.

This winter, CityOn is really too warm!

The exciting VIP Carnival is coming to an end this week!

From the magical musical bubble show, to the dry land curling and basketball obstacle course challenges

And this week's floral saloon and vip open house.

2023 VIP Carnival Season 2

CityOn is full of sincerity and warmth!Haven't joined us yet?

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