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In-depth Spoilers! "Great Beauty Dunhuang-Xi Welcomes the New Year" is back for its fifth season!

Honoring classic culture and recreating Dunhuang's grandeur.

CityOn Partners with 3 Universities, 4 Brands
With eight themed shows.

Translating Dunhuang's thousand years of splendor.Cross-border collision with out-of-the-ordinary imagination.

A cultural fusion with a "new" wave of excitement.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

Xi'an CityOn will stage a super feast of culture and fashion.

The commercial space releases the unique charm of mixing history and culture with art and fashion.
Since last year's "Dunhuang - Praying for a Happy New Year", which brought the "Dunhuang culture" hidden along the thousand-year Silk Road back to Chang'an to pray for the blessings of the people.

"Dunhuang culture, hidden along the Silk Road for thousands of years, has been brought back to Chang'an to pray for the blessing of the people.

In the midst of much anticipation

This year, CityOn is bustling in Chang'an for the fifth season.

Welcome to the New Year in Dunhuang!
Is back again!
Retracing the Silk Road

Retracing the Splendid Civilization of 1650 Years Ago.

Focus on 5 major attractions.Show Dunhuang/Interpret Dunhuang/Revitalize Dunhuang/Study Dunhuang/Play Dunhuang
Heavyweight co-branding of authorities.
Dunhuang Museum

Xi’an Polytechnic University
Xi’an FanYi University
Shaanxi University of Science&TechnologyCo-presentation of "Dunhuang" Culture and Art Exhibition

Decoding the beauty of Dunhuang and show its charms

Creating a must-see exhibition in Xi'an for the Chinese New Year
Show Dunhuang
Dunhuang Culture and Art Exhibition

Step by step, travel through the past and present

For the diversity of Dunhuang.

CityOn is modeled after the geo-features of the Dunhuang Grottoes, the Sanwei Mountain, the Mingsha Mountain, and the Dangquan River.

By deconstructing the mountainous terrain around Dunhuang.

Reproduction of 3 major Dunhuang scenes.

Step into the splendor of Dunhuang at CityOn and step into the "new realm" of Dunhuang.

Triple Jeopardy scenario
A corridor filled with the fusion of ancient flavor and modern technology.

Light and shadow walk through a thousand years of time.

pray for the sound of sand

Silk Road Scrolls

Re-encountering the desert scenery of Mingsha Mountain & Moon Spring.

Mantle sky view

Aerial "Mantle of Heavenly Beauty"

Demonstrating the fusion of heaven and earth in Dunhuang culture.

Reproducing the artistic essence of Dunhuang wells.

The exhibition is also a joint venture with the Dunhuang Museum.

Dunhuang Museum to bring you more than a thousand beautiful murals.

Let you see the history of Dunhuang for thousands of years.

Interpreting Dunhuang
Eight big shows in turn to perform visual feasts

Honoring classic culture and recreating Dunhuang's grandeur.

CityOn Partners with 3 Universities, 4 Brands
With eight themed shows.

Translating Dunhuang's thousand years of splendor.
A Thousand Years of Dreaming at Dunhuang.

Traveling Through 1650 Years of Wanderlust
CityOn First IP Drama Show Comes Back !

This time CityOn not only specially retraced the Silk Road, but also through a large number of historical data research.

It took five months to polish this annual live theater show.

《Bringing Dunhuang back to Chang'an》
Recreating the Cultural Charm of Dream DunhuangThe production will feature performances, costume make-up, character dialog, and choreography.

The whole system creates a beautiful world immersed in Dunhuang's dream world.

Four chapters: "The Origin of Great Dreams", "The World of Flying", "Devotional Offerings", and "Family and Country".

Telling the story of Zhang Qian's mission to the Western Regions to the defense of Dunhuang by the Returned Volunteers.

Presenting the essence and history of the unique Dunhuang art one by one.

Stretch your imagination in the national style and dream of Dunhuang since then.

CityOn will also Xi’an Polytechnic University、Xi’an FanYi University、Shaanxi University of Science&Technology

Launch of the Silk Road and Dunhuang-themed show.

Recreating the beauty of Dunhuang that has been passed down for thousands of years.
The stage has no boundaries, domestic and foreign brands fashion show and fashionable children walk show,will also be staged throughout the period of.

Revitalizing Dunhuang
Seven themed cultural performances

"A living Dunhuang mural, an artistic treat of beauty."

CityOn with seven cultural themes.

Revitalizing the charm of Dunhuang with seven cultural themes.

"Dunhuang Instrumental Music Performance" by Kabuki Flying Sky

Time: December 24th, December 30th
Tracing back to Dunhuang mural character scenes.

Bringing the art of performing in murals to life.

CityOn makes the musicians and dancers feel as if they're coming from a mural.

Dunhuang musical instruments and Dunhuang dances are used to demonstrate the charm of Dunhuang's kabuki music.

Each instrumental and dance performance will perfectly recreate the image of the frescoes.

Comprehensively show Dunhuang's cultural charm of ancient music inherited for thousands of years.

Bringing the audience an all-round audio-visual feast.
"Dance from the Painting - Dunhuang Dance Music"

Time: February 10, 2024

Tracing the Hu Xuan Dance in the Dunhuang Mural "Changes to the Pure Land of the West
and "Pipa Music Performance".

Find the most popular dance and music shows of the Tang Dynasty in Dunhuang murals.

Unfolding the fascinating history in CityOn

In addition, there are also beautiful multi-scenario theme interpretation

"Exploring Dunhuang" Theme Parade
"Dunhuang Cherry Dreams" Theme Parade
"Dunhuang Painters' Parade in the New Year
"Dunhuang Fuxi" God of Fortune Parade
"Fresco love" under the tree playing the kite scene interpretation

Study Dunhuang
"Gleanings from Dunhuang" Members' Classes
Bringing Dunhuang into the Classroom for Fun and Learning.

CityOn will also carry out the "Guardians of Dunhuang" theme study program.

Walking through the exhibition, "Dunhuang Learning" classroom, and conversations with on-site NPC.

Demystifying the "Incredible" Dunhuang.
Playing Dunhuang
Explore Dunhuang
Explore CityOn

Encounter the multi-faceted beauty of Dunhuang!
CityOn will be specially online full-scene exploration punch card.

Multiple immersive fun cards will be launched soon.

Set against the backdrop of Dunhuang's classic murals and allusions.

CityOn has linked up with branded merchants to set up the "Dunhuang Station".

Complete the relevant instructions at the Branding Station to earn a Pass Stamp.

Collect all the stamps and redeem a customized Dunhuang cultural gift!

There will also be a full cast of COS Dunhuang characters.

Unlock a unique one-stop Dunhuang experience!