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Invitation | @all CityOn Dunhuang Culture and Art Exhibition grand opening, the new spring Xi'an must-see exhibitions waiting for you to hit the card!

Inviting you to a cultural feast spanning over a thousand years!
3 exhibition areas, one step into Dunhuang's magnificent scenery
8 runway shows to showcase Dunhuang's national style and flavor
7 interpretations to memorize the moment of the millennium
5 classes to protect Dunhuang in depth

Retrace the splendor of civilization 1650 years ago.
Step into the history of Dunhuang's great beauty.
"Season 5 of Hustle and Bustle in Chang'an - Dunhuang Welcomes the New Year with Great Beauty"
The authoritative co-branding and cross-border.
A super cultural feast that brings together the aesthetics and artistic heritage of Dunhuang.
A super cultural feast

Exhibition Showcasing Dunhuang→The Three Great Scenic Spots of the Past and the Present.
Deconstructing Dunhuang's mountains and rivers.
A step into Dunhuang's dreamy landscape.
Three Sacred Scenes
One corridor, one view
A thousand years of Dunhuang time.
Location: Atrium, Gate 1, Level 1,CityOn
pray for the sound of sand
Deep into the desert thousands of dreams, people in the scenery of the tour.
There is also a "guarding hope - love poplar" blessing area.
Waiting for you to write down your blessings and pray for the New Year.
Location: Fila Lounge, Level 1, CItyOn

Mantle sky view
Mantle Sky Dunhuang Scenery Walking Hidi Harbor
Step into the Silk Scroll
Each floor offers a breathtaking view.
Location: CityOn Patio No. 1
More than 1,000 exquisite Dunhuang murals.
Take you to Dunhuang's thousand years of history.

December 24th.
"Hustling Chang'an Season 5 - Great Dunhuang Xixi Welcomes the New Year"
Grand Opening Ceremony
The "New Realm" of Dunhuang.

CityOn"Dunhuang" Original Drama Kickoff Show
《Bringing Dunhuang Back to Chang'an》
Location: Atrium, Gate 1, Level 1,CityOn
CItyOn retraces the Silk Road and explores the history of Dunhuang.
Traveling back 1,650 years to create the annual live-action show.
《Bringing Dunhuang Back to Chang'an》
In four chapters: "The Origin of Dreams", "The World of Flying", "Devotion", and "The Sense of Family and Country".
Presenting Dunhuang's splendid art and culture one by one.
CityOn, together with 3 universities and 4 brands.
During the Chinese New Year period, 7 themed runway shows will bring you to feel the collision of ancient and modern fashions.

Performance: Dunhuang Instrumental Music Performanc
Time: December 24th 17:00/18:00/19:00
Pipa Sound, Music from a Painting
CityOn invited four musicians
While playing Dunhuang music such as "Bouncing Pipa", "Alamu Khan", "Miracle" and "Free Flower".
The magnificent murals of Dunhuang leap to life with the sound of the pipa.
In addition, six thematic interpretations will continue to be performed
Revitalization of the world in paintings
Play Zhangqian's Envoys' Parade Immersion Card Playing Dunhuang
Time: 12.24-2.24 every Saturday and Sunday
Frequency: 14:00-20:00 every 2 hours
Meet the Dunhuang-themed characters in a time-breaking conversation
On Saturdays and Sundays, you can meet Zhang Qian's delegation at CItyOn.
Interact with them up close and personal
Invite you to experience Dunhuang's punch card activities
We will issue you with a "Dunhuang Passport" to explore Dunhuang.

Dunhuang pick up Pass punch
Explore Dunhuang, Play Dunhuang
CityOn is a joint venture between 8 branded merchants.
Combining classic murals and stories
A fun and innovative "Dunhuang Station" has been set up.
Participate in the interactive Q&A with store NPCs and win a customized Dunhuang bookmark from CItyOn.

-Activity time -

December 23rd - February 24th

-Participation Methods
1. Go to the customer service counter and scan the code to get the ultimatum for exploring Dunhuang;
2. According to the ultimatum, go to the designated merchants and interact with the shopkeeper NPC for Q&A, and get a stamp after completion;
3. Collect all 8 stamps to redeem a customized Dunhuang bookmark at the Customer Service Counter.

Learning Learning Dunhuang "Gleanings from Dunhuang" Membership Classes.
On January 1, the "Gleanings from Dunhuang" mural restoration class.
Through exhibition, study and dialog
Experience the charm of mural restoration and traditional folk art in depth.