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Xi'an Must-See Exhibition | The Dunhuang Culture and Art Exhibition at CityOn invites you to spend New Year's Day with us!


Must-see exhibitions in Xi'an

Dunhuang-themed large-scale immersive exhibition

Xi'an New Cultural Landmarks
Ancient and modern travels in a flash
Countdown to New Year's Eve.
The Happy Signal of the Holiday Season is about to Happen!
As New Year's Day draws nearer.
CityOn Dunhuang themed adventure has begun!
Players from all walks of life.
Prepare to experience the extraordinary charm of Dunhuang!

From December 24th
With the grand scenery of San Da and the annual IP theater show "Bring Dunhuang Back to Chang'an", etc.
Decode the beauty of Dunhuang in an immersive way for customers.
In a sense of appreciation, sensation, breath and inhalation.
Feel the extraordinary charm of Dunhuang's beauty.
Enjoy the annual IP original drama kick-off show.
"Bringing Dunhuang Back to Chang'an"
Retrace the Silk Road and follow the history of Dunhuang.
CityOn annual live-action drama.
Once staged, it attracted a lot of calls.
Through the four chapters of "The Origin of Dreams", "The World of Flying", "Devotion", and "Family and Country" chaptersbrought the customers on siteinto an immersive Dunhuang scene.Wonderful scene interpretation
The festive atmosphere of the scene will be filled with joy and happiness.
Restore the splendor of Dunhuang
Dreaming of Dunhuang in millions of exquisite murals.
CityOn revitalizes Dunhuang in multiple dimensions.
From the five major attractions of exhibition, show, performance, learning and play.
Dunhuang culture
Bringing you a unique national style banquet.

Thousands of national treasure murals, the yellow sand of the desert, poplar forests and nine-colored deer.
Walk through Dunhuang's thousand years of history in the middle of it all.
Immersive experience of the Silk Road scrolls in a new dream world.
Create a desert scene with Dunhuang elements
Praying for the New Year with good wishes.

Bringing customers the pleasure of being in the scenery.

Extracting the exquisite elements of fresco
And through the modern and fashionable design method into the overhead hanging mantle.
To create a stunning scene for customers to take photos on all floors.
Recreates the artistic essence of Dunhuang's algal wells.
Live themed events during the New Year's Day festivities.
Also from all aspects
Taking the Dunhuang theme to a new level!
New Year's Day
CityOn, Xi’an FanYi University, Anta
In the form of modern and diversified.
Bringing a new and fresh fashion collision on the occasion of New Year's Day.
Traveling through the history of Han and Tang Dynasty to recreate the classic Chinese dress.
CityOn×Xi’an FanYi University
Xi'an Institute of Translation, with instrumental music performance of "Shengshi Guo music", dance of "Feitian", Chinese costume show, "Xi'an Interpreter Inn
and interactive experiences such as tea ceremony and pot throwing,and interactive experiences such as tea ceremony and kettle throwing.

A new winter fashion show
Showing infinite charm with trendy creativity
Fashion without limits, bring you to experience a new modern surprise!
Revitalizing Dunhuang
Unfolding a unique and fascinating historical scroll in CityOn.
Bringing customers a full range of audio-visual feast.

Dance in the style of youngsters and savor the flavor of ancient style.
On the night of New Year's Eve, Hidi Harbor will have a New Year's Day performance of children's guzheng.
And the trendy youth street dance performance
In the national style instrumental music and wonderful dance interpretation.
The youth's New Year's Eve vigor was on display!
Xi'an Mural Painting Conservation and Restoration Base (Xi'an)
On New Year's Day, January 1, conduct the"Pick Up the Pieces at Dunhuang".
Dunhuang-themed parade & mural painting restoration classroom.
Touching Dunhuang murals and figures up close and personal.
Decoding Dunhuang's "Unbelievability"

In order to create a detailed Dunhuang atmosphere.
CItyOn has created the Dunhuang Hanbok experience for its members.
Themed parade led by Zhang Qian's envoys.
Experience the culture and art of Dunhuang.
Be a modern-day guardian of Dunhuang culture.
Experience the beautiful feelings in the hearts of Dunhuang painters.
Touch the murals up close and make textbook knowledge come alive.

While further experiencing the charm of Dunhuang culture.
CityOn will also be giving member families a "Dunhuang Passport" to continue their immersion in Dunhuang.
Continue to immerse yourself in Dunhuang, participate in the card game, and win Dunhuang cultural creations!
More themed study programs will be coming soon.
Taste the artistic beauty of Dunhuang's traditional culture.
Explore Dunhuang and experience the charm of Dunhuang culture!
CityOn has organized a fun "Dunhuang Passing Card" activity with 8 branded merchants.
On Saturdays and Sundays, Zhang Qian's delegation will give out a passport to customers.
Customers will interact with NPC sales clerks at designated shops to collect 8 stamps.
Collect all 8 stamps
You can redeem a customized Dunhuang bookmark from CityOn.
Cultivate children's national cultural confidence.
Decoding Dunhuang's "Unbelievability".

Exhibition/Show/Performance/Learning/Play, there's more!
Please look forward to more cultural feasts!
Continuing immersive fun and interaction.