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CItyOn New Year's Gift! The city showground creates the great beauty of Dunhuang, come and hit the must-see exhibition in Xi'an!

Welcome to 2024

CityOn New Year's Gift!

Bringing Dunhuang back to Chang'an and bringing back the Silk Road to life!

New Year's Day holiday crowds! Step into the historical scene!

The whole city gathered in CityOn

New Year's Day Cultural Feast

CityOn City Showground Upgraded to New Year's Day

Xi'an FanYi University and Anta

Interpretation of the classic Chinese dress, interpretation of fashionable winter.

At the Dunhuang Theme Parade & Mural Restoration Classroom

The children learned knowledge and experienced a costume parade.

The first day of the New Year was full of rewards!

With the sound of camel bells, Dunhuang and 2024 are coming together!

A Thousand Styles at Your Fingertips
Port Hedi has been meticulously crafted in five dimensions

Exhibition/Show/Performance/Learning/Play to revitalize the world in the painting.

"Three Dangerous Scenes", "Singing Sand Prayer" and "Mantle Sky Beauty".

The three themes of the scenery is good to wander, fun, and good to shoot!

The movie rate is far ahead of the others.

Who hasn't hit the must-see exhibits in Xi'an yet?

Come and experience a deeper experience of traveling in a painting!

Experience the Dunhuang culture in action!

Light and shadow walk from Sanqi Mountain

Encounter the yellow sand and poplar forests of Dunhuang Desert

Travel with the Nine-Colored Deer and the Flying Sky!

Change into Dunhuang costumes and immerse yourself in the paintings at Mingsha Prayer!

Take in the beautiful scenery of the mantle sky, where you can take photos at every level!

Immersion in Xi'an's must-see exhibitions at the same time.

The powerful combination of heavy cross-border

The city's showgrounds are ready to go

An unprecedented fusion of ancient and modern is about to be staged!

Silk Road Neon Dress, Innovative Interpretation

Xi'an Polytechnic University is the authoritative partner of CityOn.

Inspired by the Dunhuang culture and carefully blended with contemporary trends
In the new showroom of CItyOn.

In the city's new showroom

The yellow sands are long and lingering, the setting sun is glistening.

The beauty of Dunhuang culture is reflected in the clothes.

It can be said that clothing has a soul and beauty has a spirit!

Tomorrow, come to CityOn to see the elegant and exquisite oriental splendor.

Experience the perfect fusion of Dunhuang's ancient charm and future fashion trends.

See how the city's new showroom.

How to restore the charm of the Silk Road with modern art aesthetics!

Upgraded shopping experience

CityOn and 8 branded retailers

The "Explore Dunhuang" program is a fun and interactive experience!

Win customized Dunhuang creations from CityOn.