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City On Dunhuang Art Exhibition closing big show invited the city, the Lantern Festival wonderful!

The beauty of the millennium meets the future, and celebrates the reunion time!
The first cup of milk tea in the New Year, research classes, gifts from the God of wealth, prayers for lovers... ..
Spring Festival seven-day holiday in the company of small Xi

Guests from all over the country spent the Spring Festival full of laughter in Xidi Port

In 60 days, millions of people frantically logged in to Dunhuang's three major attractions
Miss this Saturday and wait a year

More than 50 sets of Dunhuang Tianyi flying
The magnificent treasure of Chinese clothing shines brightly

The first full moon of the New Year will rise this Saturday
If you have missed the long holiday Xiaoxi has prepared various surprises
So in this Lantern Festival, come and gather together with small Xi Xidi port
Celebrate this holiday filled with joy and peace
A perfect ending to this New Year's festival

The world is flavor, food is to meet, the edge of life
Boil it down to a tender puree and savor it