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The spring breeze is coming to the City On and was born to meet the first flower in spring

Come to City On early spring romance
Petal festival Season 6
The spring breeze comes, born to the United States
| 2024.03.02-2024.04.05|
The first encounter in spring
CityOn Xi 'an Shopping Center

Xi Di Port invites the whole city to share

Spring romance

The spring day is wonderful to watch
Activity notice
Sea of Flowers: Move the spring indoors and enjoy the beauty of nature
Folk singing: The famous folk band will bring you a picturesque romantic movement
Goddess Day bouquet: Dedicated to every goddess, the first bouquet of flowers in spring, blooming unique charm
Symphonic doubleplay: Listen to the first symphony of spring and feel the harmony of music and nature
Band performance: singing to interpret the romantic spring, let the music become the most beautiful scenery
Spring limited benefits: Gold jewelry festival, elegant and never out of date, for your spring to add bright luster

# The first heart of spring #
The folk band sang
Trendy, local folk bands bring romantic music

Goddess "price" to
Start the spring season

City On Gold and Jewelry Festival
Discount "decorations" can not be blocked

Calendar of events in March-April
The spring breeze comes, born to the United States
CityOn Xi 'an Xidi Port Petal Festival 6.0