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City On Petal Festival sixth season to the beauty and birth Goddess Festival Flower Sea feast thousands of roses sent to the city

Meet City On spring punch new landmark!
The first encounter in spring

CityOn Xi 'an Shopping Center

In the port of Xizi, this spring is going to be different

Take the Haruhi Romantic Train

Start an intoxicating spring day trip

Immerse yourself in the blend of flowers and art

Feel the healing and relaxation of your mind

The port of Laxi Di

Encounter aboundless feast of flowers

Let the beauty of spring meet you

Surrounded by colorful flowers and fresh green plants, Xidi Port is transformed into a romantic garden
8 meters of giant flowers, look up and see a whole spring
Breathing flower sensing device, enjoy the immersive heart atmosphere
Spring flash flower shop online, foreign store manager limited hours open# The first flower of spring #
Goddess Festival bouquets delivered throughout the city of City On# The first symphony of spring #
Chinese and Western symphonic double play

# First band performance of spring #
The Goddess performs a romantic spring day