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Heji Port Flower Festival Season 6 Spring Day still go to a candlelight concert in spring

March 22, 2024   CityOn
Gather together Xizi harbor, feel the spring!
Petal festival Season 6
The spring breeze comes, born to the United States
| 2024.03.02-2024.04.06|
The first encounter in spring
CityOn Xi 'an Shopping Center

The spring breeze is gentle and the sun is just right
The port of Xizi is full of flowers
The petals were scattered in the air
The smell of spring pervades it
Into the sea of flowers together
Capture your own spring in Xidi Harbor

Last week, spring was thick
# First sitcom of spring # on schedule
Live dramatic experience with strong live interaction
And captivating immersive drama
Let happiness and innocence fill the whole ocean of flowers

Xidi port petal festival
A full spring harvest
8 meter giant flower, breathing flower sensing device
Let you immerse in the sea of flowers immediately
The spring greenhouse is full of flowers and green plants, so that the fragrance of March
Come to the Spring Flash florist and pick up your spring pieces

Activity one
# The first candlelit concert of spring #
Flowers candlelight, romantic spring day
Hedi Port will be performing unplugged music this week
Surrounded by flowers and candlelight
The first candlelit concert of the spring

Activity two
# The first "fancy" show of spring #
Hipster child show, into the spring
Xi Di port united hipster catwalk agency
30 groups of hipster kids are showcasing the world of flowers
For you to bring a spring children's show

Activity 3
# Spring Awakening Project #
Wake up the spring and rise to the sun
Spring flowers, everything is so
Xi Di port united MINI, DJI, Bawang Tea, Chao Hongji
Build the first co-branding day of Spring
Car x Tide, cross border co-branded
Find the taste of spring together
In the days when the spring breeze comes, we are born to the United States together

Activity 4
# Pop-up florist #
Collect flowers and paste them on spring day
Random distribution of customized "Flower sticker pack"
Event day
Punch cassidy harbor petal festival
Record your Hidikang Petal Festival moments and post social ordinary
Get a limited number of customized "Flower Sticker packs"

Come to CityOn this spring
Enter the space where flowers and art intersect
Enjoy a romantic spring day in the sun
Immersed in a sea of flowers