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The Spring is coming, Pursuing the Light and Being Reborn.


The Spring is coming, Pursuing the Light and Being Reborn.

The spring is warm and the new life is joyous. 

Adding a bit of color to the spring. 

A romantic spring rendezvous is taking place in CityOn. 

Go for a rendezvous of spring. 

Don't forget that you are also part of the spring.

Blooming Flowers are Warm, Meeting the Good

Member Appreciation Party & Spring Flower Art Salon Preview

Time: March 18th
Location: 6th Floor VIP Conference Room

Strolling amongst the flowers, spending a leisurely half day.
A few fresh flowers, a few books in hand Relaxing and enjoying life at CityOn.
Making a date with spring Listening to the sound of blooming .
This week, members will experience a whole new upgrade .
Spring member gratitude meeting is a selective invitation .
If you are lucky enough, you might be chosen by us.

PENGPAI Newborn, Blooming Vitality Subtitle

"QIXIN" Trendy New Product Launch Show

Last weekend, the exclusive art show of CityOn again set the trend in the city. 

The trend-setting new product launch show came to a successful conclusion.

 Professional models' live performance immersed us in the spring breeze. 

The refreshing, comfortable and casual outfits gave the audience enough outfit inspiration.

Shaanxi Costume Designer Show

Time: March 25th
Location: First Floor FILA Corridor

If you missed the last Spring show .

Then don't miss the Shaanxi costume designer show 

A visual feast of fashion and art Fresh colors and romantic designs 

are both natural and charming. 

Rendering a modern and refreshing look

City to New, "Flower" Showing the Beauty

Real Scene Art Painting Exhibition to Gift the City

March 8th - April 16th First Floor FILA Corridor

Spring Romance Limited .
Taking advantage of the spring light, 
go to the human world to sell romance. 
Encounter an ocean of flowers 
Waiting for you, to join a spring flower affair .
On-site photography check-in beauty out of the sky
 Hurry up and call your favorite photo young girl to rush to spring

Painting the Nature and Drawing Beauty

"Shang Se Zhitou" Eco-friendly Painting Exhibition

March 3rd - April 30th, 6th Floor Exhibition Hall (near Lift No. 4)

Protect the green ecology, revere the natural environment 

Briefly escape the hustle and bustle Come to CityOn.
Feel the green water and mountains together.

New Look for the Spring, 

City-wide Discounts Beginning of the four seasons

Incorporating the beauty of spring. Follow CI and Be filled with the spirit of spring, follow the new light.